Yellow Lounge with DJ Katrine Ring

DJ and journalist Katrine Ring mixes classical music and modern electronic music at Avenue Hotel

“It feels great to rattle and shake the crown jewels a little bit,” DJ and journalist Katrine Ring tells me as we make ourselves comfortable in the plush sofas in Avenue Hotel’s lounge bar.
She presents classical music in innovative and interesting ways at their Yellow Lounge-sessions every second Wednesday from 8 pm to 11 pm. On alternate Wednesdays the task is performed by her musical partner, DJ and journalist Peer Kaae.

Classical, Electronic and Film Music
“We introduce classical music in new and less pretentious ways,” says Katrine.
The record company Deutsche Grammofon introduced the Yellow Lounge-concept in year 2000.
They wanted to take classical music outside the daunting walls of the concert hall and introduce it to new audiences in alternative and relaxed surroundings. The music could be presented by DJs, live performers, VJs … or at times all three together. The concept spread to cities like Berlin, Vienna and Stockholm, and three years ago Universal Records launched Yellow Lounge in Copenhagen.

Live Classical Performers
“At times we have live music as well, for instance Andreas Birk, a classically trained bass-player, who’ll come by with some of his musical playmates,” Katrine tells me.
“They’ll play everything from tango to jazz to classic but on classical instruments. It’s terrific, as I have to relate to that, and it forces me to rethink how I play my records. I love it!”

Yellow Lounge invites you to chill in front of the open fire at Avenue Hotel

The Atmosphere is Ever so Nice
“We’re lucky to have Avenue Hotel as our base. The hotel attracts a lot of the people whom you’d often classify as ‘the creative class’. They are 30 years+ and are going places with their lives,” Katrine explains.
“Typically the people who come by will be a mix of hotel guests – who often come down from their rooms and sit quietly with a book – and groups of people who come because they know I’m playing. The latter will chat and not hear much of the music but the atmosphere is ever so nice…”.

Come summer, the Yellow Lounge-sessions will move out into the hotel's patio

Yellow Lounge in the Summer Nights
Further to the popular lounge sessions every Wednesday night Katrine and Per are planning together with Avenue Hotel to take the Yellow Lounge-concept into the Danish summer nights on the hotel’s charming patio.
“We’ll have great music and nice barbecues,” says Katrine, “I think quite a few of the locals will be interested in joining us as well …”.
As a local myself I can only say I found the idea of lounging on Avenue Hotel’ wooden deck with the lush bamboo swaying in the summer breeze quite appealing. Actually so appealing that I snuck one of the hotel’s press photos in here to give you an idea of what is to come …

What Music Would You Like to Hear at Yellow Lounge?
Katrine, Peer and Avenue Hotel constantly aim to develop the Yellow Lounge-concept and would like to have your input.
Do you have any special pieces of music or perhaps a special theme for a Yellow Lounge-session you’d like them to consider?
Send your proposals to and enter the draw for a copy of Katrine and Peer’s mix-CD ‘theavenuefeeling – Yellow Lounge’.
Replies should be received by 1 March 2010. The winner will be informed directly by e-mail.

'theavenuefeeling' mix-CD conveys the atmosphere of the live Yellow Lounge-sessions

More About Yellow Lounge
“I was like a kid in a candy-store, when Universal Music asked me to mix a CD with music from their amazing archives,” Katrine exclaims.
And even to my untrained ear the mix-CD ‘theavenuefeeling – Yellow Lounge’ conveys the pleasant atmosphere she and Peer aim to create at the live DJ-sessions.
Check out the CD the next time you visit Avenue Hotel or find more information about it and the upcoming live DJ-sessions at Yellow Lounge.

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