St. Germain Bowling

St. Germain Bowling

Tuesday the 2. of February Gilles Bensabeur, from St. Germain, invited to bowling and drinks in collaboration with Morten and Oscar from Sprit and co.

Avenue Hotel was represented by two bartenders, Morten Dinitzen and Kenneth Christensen.

The event began with a presentation about St. Germain by Gilles Bensabeur. St. Germain is a elderflower liqueur all natural, made from 100% fresh, handpicked elderflowers. It has low sugar content, roughly half that of other liqueurs.

During the evening we got the St. Germain signature cocktail served.

2 parts Champagne* or Dry White Wine**
1 ½ parts St-Germain
2 parts Sparkling Water or Club Soda

Afterwards everyone went bowling and Team Avenue came to win. Starting preliminary round we were 12 teams and the best six team went to the semi-finals. Team Avenue, Morten and I, started with three strikes and 1 spare and won first round with 133 point.

The second round, people began concentrating a bit more and the scores got higher. The Avenue team, also started to get known as the Flintstones, got lucky won this round as well with 138 points, only 1 point more than number 2.

In the final Zoo bar, Café Rubies and Avenue Hotel were going to fight for the title. Morten and I took a small lead from the start that continued until last rounds of shooting. The team before us, Café Rubies made 2 strikes and a 7. To win we had to make a strike… and we did – Japadapaduuuu – as the Flintstones would have said. We won scoring 168 points in the finale. The first price was a
St. Germain bathrobe.

Morten and I had to get up early the next day, so after the bowling victory, a wonderful St. Germain night ended for us. Thank you Gilles Bensabeur and Morten and Oscar from Sprit & Co.

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