Invitation – Film Première, Electric Bikes, Cocktails and Barbecue

Get a head start with DJ Katrine Ring, Avenue Hotel and the innovative electric bikes

Avenue Hotel invites you to join them for the première of their new film avenuebikenight on Wednesday 26 May from 5 pm. The film has DJ Katrine Ring, Avenue Hotel and their innovative electric bikes in the leading roles.
Afterwards you may go for a ride on one of their cool bikes, enjoy a Yellow Lounge Cocktail and nibble at a tasty barbecue in their courtyard.

Film Première
Have a sneak preview of Avenue Hotel’s new film avenuebikenight on Wednesday 26 May at 5 pm. DJ Katrine Ring, avenue and their new electric bikes have the leading roles in the film.

Try an Electric Bike
I love that their electric bikes take me round the city in style…and without making me sweat. The fact that they’re gentle to the environment is an added bonus.
Come by Avenue Hotel on Wednesday 26 May, 5-7 pm and try one of the bikes for yourself.

As a True Copenhagener Sees the City
avenuebikenight shows you Copenhagen as a true Copenhagener sees the city,” Søren Juul Petersen from the film company Zeitgeist Film ApS tells me.
The guys at Avenue Hotel must be flattered as he adds:”And of course we end up at Avenue Hotel, which as always is smooth, delicious and filled with happy people.”
Søren Juul Petersen introduces avenuebikenight on Wednesday 26 May at 5 pm, and happily answers any questions about the film and about Zeitgeist Film ApS.

Yellow Lounge with DJ Katrine Ring
“Speed, sensuality, calm, music and a great atmosphere,” DJ Katrine Ring promises me. She has the leading role in avenuebikenight, where she part whistles and part whispers the theme of Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desire by Bach. A theme she often plays at Yellow Lounge at Avenue Hotel as she finds it matches the pulse, speed and dynamic atmosphere of the lounge.
Wednesday 26 May from 5 pm Katrine Ring provides the pulse with her elegant mix of classical ear hangers and electronic music – much of which she composes herself.
She sets the pace as they show the film, and as the evening grows into their regular Wednesday event, Yellow Lounge.

Enjoy a Cocktail and a Tasty Barbecue
After the première of avenuebikenight the hotel invites you to sip their popular Yellow Lounge Cocktails and nibble at the tasty barbecue they have prepared in the courtyard.

Adding it all up it sounds like it could turn into an amazing evening…

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