invitation – barbecue and cocktails in the courtyard

Enjoy great company and nibble on a tasty barbecue in the courtyard at Avenue Hotel on Wednesday 26 May, 5-7 pm

Inspired by the arrival of summer Avenue Hotel invites you to join them for an informal barbecue and cocktails in their courtyard on Wednesday 26 May, 5-7 pm.
They throw the barbecue to celebrate the première of their new film avenuebikenight with DJ Katrine Ring, avenue and their innovative electric bikes in the leading roles.
Afterwards you may go for a ride on one of their cool new bikes.

Barbecue and cocktails in the courtyard
Chefs Marie and Thomas cook the way they smile, and they’ll have you smiling as well as they prepare some delicious chow for you.
They’ll grill
- Miniature spears with organic pork seasoned with sage and rose pepper
- Miniature beef sausages seasoned with herbs
- Maybe some fish, they haven’t really made up their minds yet…

To accompany the meat they’ll serve
- Salad of fresh green asparagus, pearl barley, peas and cucumber flavoured with citric vinaigrette
- Salad of spring cabbage, baked apricots and fresh goat’s cheese flavoured with apple vinegar
- New Danish potatoes in a pesto of lovage and walnuts
- Foccaia with malt, rapeseed oil and thyme

To finish it all off they’ll spoil you with
- Rhubarb trifle

And of course Avenue Hotel will serve their popular Yellow Lounge Cocktails.

Film Première
The barbecue is all in honour of the sneak preview of their new film avenuebikenight. DJ Katrine Ring, avenue and their new electric bikes have the leading roles in the film.

Go For a Ride on an Electric Bike
I love that their electric bikes take me round the city in style…and without me working up a sweat. The fact that they’re gentle to the environment is an added bonus. Come by Avenue Hotel Wednesday 26 May, 5-7 pm and try one of the bikes for yourself.

As a True Copenhagener Sees the City
avenuebikenight is introduced by Managing Director Søren Juul Petersen from Zeitgeist Film ApS on Wednesday 26 May at 5 pm. Afterwards he’ll happily answer any questions about Zeitgeist Film ApS and about avenuebikenight.

Yellow Lounge with DJ Katrine Ring
Wednesday 26 May from 5 pm DJ Katrine Ring provides the pulse with her elegant mix of classical ear hangers and electronic music – much of which she composes herself. She sets the pace as Avenue Hotel shows the film avenuebikenight, and as the evening grows into their regular Wednesday event, Yellow Lounge.

Keep your fingers crossed for the weather to stay beautiful, and enjoy…

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