Early morning wake up call

The fire alarm is working, alright… Not too long ago at around 7am when I was about to head home from the hotel, just having stayed a bit longer to chat with the lovely Pia (the Reception Manager), the fire alarm suddenly sounded. Fire drills of the past paying off, we knew what we had to do, but one still gets a bit anxious and I definitely had worst case scenarios running through my head as I ran up the stairs for the room from which the alarm originated.

Having knocked hard on the door a few times I was about to unlock it with my key when a somewhat confused looking guest opened it, and immediately I was met with a foggy sensation, giving away exactly what had triggered the alarm. Apparently, the wife had taken a very long and very warm shower while having the door to the bedroom wide open. Once the room had been turned into a Turkish sauna the sensors had thought “What the…” and the rest is history. After having opened the windows to get in some fresh air, I made my way back down to brief the staff and guests of what had happened.

Everyone was relieved and took the whole thing with a smile, although a few of our guests made some humorous comments to the brutal nature of our wake up calls. Luckily, this time I could forget about shouting Ye Olde “women and children first”. Rest assured, though, the heroic Avenue Team (excluding myself) would have went down with the ship while playing the violin.


P.S. Just so that management doesn’t kill me, let me clarify that this hotel is as safe as they get and staying here is statistically much safer than staying at home (where we all know most accidents happen).

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