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Marianne Brandi Shares her Insight on Design

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Marianne Brandi, Creative Director at DAY Home

Marianne Brandi, Creative Director at DAY Home, loves Avenue Hotel because of the homey atmosphere created by General Manager Mai Kappenberger and her friendly team.

Marianne Brandi is the Creative Director of the successful Danish lifestyle brand DAY Home. She is a regular guest at Avenue Hotel and blogs about design and other subjects which inspire her at the design magazine RUM.
Marianne Brandi has kindly agreed to share her insights on taste, design and Copenhagen with us.

You Could Call it Relaxed Elegance
“The philosopy of DAY is to create daily couture for your wardrobe or for your home,” says Marianne Brandi, “…you could call it relaxed elegance.”
“At DAY Home we always work with the seasonal colours,” she adds, “but I find that a monochrome B & W universe is very interesting and modern, especially if you add a single acidic or burnt colour.”

Tips on Marianne Brandi’s Blog
“On my blog at the design magazine RUM I write about anything which interests me,” says Marianne Brandi.
“I am not SO into modern design, so I mostly write about food, shops, new ideas and intitiatives at DAY. Like our new concept stores in Lyngby and Århus, we are very proud of those.”

"DAY Home is daily couture for your home," says Creative Director Marianne Brandi. Be inspired by the casual elegance at their new concept stores in Lyngby and Århus.

Marianne Brandi’s Favourite Stores in Copenhagen
Fil de Fer in St. Kongensgade is so beautiful,” says Marianne Brandi.
“Everything in the shop is beautiful. Fil de Fer really stands out as a unique interior experience.”
Green Square on Amager is my favourite …,” she continues.
“Seven warehouses with something for every taste. I cannot leave the place without finding something I like. You should dedicate at least a couple of hours for your visit.”
Othilia Decor is really a showroom,” Marianne Brandi finishes, “but when Othilia is there you can have a chat with her about the comfortable Italian furniture from Meridani. Othilia has incredible taste and imports some amazing stuff.”

Avenue Hotel is Cosy and Homey
“I love Avenue Hotel because of the young, friendly and very helpful staff,” says Marianne Brandi.
“Also I feel at home at Avenue Hotel. The hotel is decorated by my good friend Mikael Mammen, who is amazing at creating a cosy atmosphere. General Manager Mai Kappenberger and her team at Avenue are fantastic at making the atmosphere even more homey …”.

Visit Marianne Brandi’s Blog
Visit Marianne Brandi’s blog to learn more about Green Square, Othilia Decor and about her stays at Avenue Hotel.
Or visit Avenue Hotel’s Shop 24/7  to see the selection of homeware from DAY Home.

Film Reviewers Praise HÆVNEN (Civilization)

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Anton (Mikael Persbrandt) and Marianne (Trine Dyrholm) light up the screen in the Danish movie HÆVNEN (Civilization).

Danish film director Susanne Bier must be a very happy woman. All the film reviewers praised her new movie HÆVNEN (Civilization) when it premiered on Thursday 26 August – and the movie is in the running for an Oscar nomination.

You Will Laugh, Cry and Shiver
Hævnen is a beautifully shot and compelling story which draws parallels from gang chiefs in African fugitive camps to tweens fighting in the idyllic Danish countryside.
The movie touches upon existential themes like love, friendship, revenge and justice – it will surely make you laguh, cry and shiver.

Anton (Mikael Persbrandt) is a doctor who truly believes violence breeds more violence

Danish Star Director
The Danish film director Susanne Bier had her international breakthrough with the movies After the Wedding and Brothers. The latter was recently reinterpreted stateside with Jack Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire in the leads. Susanne Bier herself won an Oscar-nomination and a trip to Hollywood to direct the movie Things We Lost in the Fire with Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro in the leads.
Now Susanne Bier is back in Denmark with a movie of international calibre.

Christian (William Jøhnk) believes in a simple rule: If you hit hard enough the first time you win.

Hævnen Makes You Think
With her new movie Hævnen Susanne Bier demonstrates that Danish movies can have strong acting, beautiful pictures and a story which makes the audience ask themselves big questions.
The movie premiered in Denmark on Thursday 26 August. If you don’t speak Danish keep an eye out as Hævnen (or Civilization) will soon hit the movie screens in your country. It has been sold for distribution in more than 30 countries and is in the running for a nomination for Best Foreign Movie at the 2011 Oscar Awards.

Find more information, see the trailer or reserve tickets for Hævnen.
(Sorry, for now it is only shown in Danish without subtitles).

All photos by Per Arnesen.

Taste the World in Copenhagen

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Taste the World in Copenhagen as 25 of the city's most popular international restaurants take Nørrebrogade on 28 August.

You may taste the world in the heart of Copenhagen on Saturday 28 August, when 25 of the city’s most popular international restaurants hit the streets of Nørrebro.

Tasty and Affordable Food
Copenhagen has a great selection of international restaurants, which serve tasty and affordable food. 25 of the most popular ones – and a few very local restaurants – will take Nørrebrogade on Saturday 28 August from 12 Noon to 8 pm.
Make sure to search out restaurants like: Japanese gourmet restaurant Etika, low-key deli Manfreds Take-Away, Italian Scarpetta and Dim Sum (it’s in the name really).
To finish off …  try a cortado from Coffee Collective.

International Live Acts
Taste the World
collaborates with Copenhagen International Day so remember to catch live performances by Danish Bollywood star Anita Lerche and local singers Mads Langer, Afenginn and Ataf.

Where: Nørrebrogade - A ten minutes leisurely walk from Avenue Hotel.
When: Saturday 28 August, 12 Noon-8 pm.
How Much: Entry and concerts are free – You buy your food and drinks from the stalls.

Copenhagen Cooking 2010
Taste the World is part of Copenhagen Cooking 2010, a ten day festival which celebrates Nordic gastronomy.
Find more information about Taste the World at Copenhagen Cooking 2010.

The Best Street Party in Copenhagen

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Copenhagen Pride invites the entire city to celebrate DIVERSITY 19-22 August

“It is one of the most colourful and unique parties in Copenhagen,” wrote the highly respected city guide AOK as it awarded Copenhagen Pride the title as The Best Street Party in Copenhagen.
Copenhagen Pride is a four day festival high-lighting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual culture with open-air films, concerts, debates and parties. The festival culminates with the popular parade through the city on Saturday 21 August.

"Copenhagen Pride is one of the most colourful and unique street parties in Copenhagen," writes the city guide AOK

Parade and Free Open-air Concert
Copenhagen Pride 2010 invites the entire city to celebrate DIVERSITY as the Pride Parade marches (or more correctly: Dances) its way from Frederiksberg Town Hall to Copenhagen City Hall on Saturday 21 August at 1 pm. The party culminates at 4 pm with the free open-air concert on the City Hall Square where around 40,000 happy spectators are expected.
One of the most popular places to watch the parade is Dronning Louises Bro (a 10 minutes walk along The Lakes from Avenue Hotel). When the parade has passed the bridge it is an easy walk from there to City Hall Square – just in time for the concert to begin.

Organizations like Amnesty International remind the party-goers that there is a political angle to the party

Find more information about the films, concerts and parties at Copenhagen Pride 2010 or check out the runner-ups for the title as Best Street Party at AOK.

Photos by Magnus Arrevad.

Stars from Wallmans Show at Avenue

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Spirits were high as the notorious "Jessie & Jecko" mingled with the guests at Avenue's Fashion Fair Barbecue

Spirits were high as the notorious “Jessie & Jecko” mingled with the guests at Avenue’s Fashion Fair Barbecue on Thursday 12 August.
Braving the Danish summer weather chefs Marie and Thomas grilled selected delicacies from the local summer crop while the boys in the bar kept the organic wheat beer and the summery rosé wine coming.

"Jessie & Jecko" art two of the popular stars from Wallmans new show SMILE

Stars from Wallmans’ New Show SMILE
The notorious and very entertaining performers “Jessie & Jecko” (their grandmothers know them as Carin Mårtensson and Joachim Assarson) will star in the new show SMILE at Wallmans premiering on 20 August, 2010.
And they may be making another star appearance at Avenue Hotel in the fall …

Find more information about SMILE at Wallmans or check out the events at Avenue Hotel.

Home-made ice tea

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Avenue's home-made ice tea is made from Urban Fit fruit tea with white tea, organic elderflower juice and freshly squeezed lime juice


Quench your thirst with Avenue’s home-made ice tea.
The ice tea is made from Urban Fit fruit tea with white tea, organic elderflower juice and freshly squeezed lime juice.
Price per glass: DKK 45.

Enjoy your ice tea in Avenue’s lounge.

Fair trade ice coffee

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

The coffee beans are from Pascucci's own fair trade plantation in Haiti


Get a jolt of energy from Avenue’s Pascucci Ice Coffee made with espresso coffee, organic milk and Monin Caramel.
The coffee beans are from Pascucci’s own fair trade plantation in Haiti, where they support the region with school and development projects.
Price per glass: DKK 45.

Find more information about Pascucci or enjoy the ice coffee in Avenue’s lounge.

Herbal recovery eye cream from jurlique

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

The Australian beauty experts from Jurlique launch a high-performance Herbal Recovery Eye Cream


Nature, Science and Innovation are the building stones for the Australian beauty experts Jurlique.
They now launch a new high-performance eye cream with potent botanicals and Australian native flower extracts to help brighten, de-puff and refresh your delicate eye area.

Special Offer in August
Buy one Herbal Recovery Eye Cream (15) from Jurlique in the Avenue Shop and get one Eye Make Up Remover (15ml) for free.
Price: DKK 350.

Find more information about the Australian Beauty Experts Jurlique or about the Avenue Shop.

Savour cocktails and win prizes

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Guess the ingredients in three of the bartenders' favourite cocktails and win fabulous prizes

The boys in the bar love to spoil the guests at Avenue Hotel with new and exotic taste sensations.
Guess the ingredients in three of their favourite cocktails and win fabulous prizes, including a weekend stay at Avenue Hotel.

Saturday 14 August, 6-10 pm
Price: DKK 100.
Free for hotel residents.

Find more information about Fashion Fair Events at Avenue Hotel.

Upgrade your G & T

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Discover how great a G & T can taste with Geranium London Dry Gin and Q Tonic

Dane Henrik Hammer spent some joyful months combining new technology with traditional gin making to develop the smooth and well-balanced Geranium London Dry Gin.
The delicate taste of juniper and crisp citrus-rosy geranium aroma earned Geranium London Dry Gin five out of five possible stars from Class Magazine, the leading cocktail magazine in the UK.
Discover how great a G & T can taste…

Friday 13 August, 6-12 pm
Price: DKK 100.
Free for hotel residents.

Find more information about Geranium London Dry Gin or find more Fashion Fair Events at Avenue Hotel.

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