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avenue is one of the four best hotels in Copenhagen

Monday, July 26th, 2010

"Avenue Hotel feels like a very stylish private home", writes British paper Daily Telegraph

Avenue Hotel is one of the four best hotels in Copenhagen writes the British newspaper Daily Telegraph. The paper praises Avenue for being “cool yet friendly”.

“There is something effortlessly cool yet friendly and relaxed about Avenue Hotel in leafy Frederiksberg, Copenhagen’s answer to Notting Hill,” writes Daily Telegraph on Sunday 25 July. Daily Telegraph is the biggest selling British broadsheet daily.
The paper describes the neighbourhood as “a hub of cafés, delis and small music and theatre venues” and adds that it has long been popular with design-conscious travellers such as Tyler Brûlé, founder of design bibles Wallpaper and Monocle.

Read the entire article at Daily Telegraph’s online version
Or pay a visit to Avenue Hotel.

taking Danish gastronomy to the streets

Friday, July 16th, 2010

COPENHAGEN COOKING 2010 celebrates Nordic gastronomy

Danish gastronomy is being praised and wins awards locally and internationally. The food festival COPENHAGEN COOKING 2010 invites you to taste what the fuss is all about.

From Street Food to Michelin Stars
The highly awarded Danish gastronomy is taking to the streets as the annual food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2010 invades the city with more than 80 culinary events from 20 to 29 August.
At street level you find organic farmers’ markets at Halmtorvet in Vesterbro and Jægersborgsgade in Nørrebro, moving up-market Michelin-starred restaurants invite you to try their gourmet menus at prices which for the occasion are made approachable for mere mortals.

These Events Will Sell Out
Even with more than 80 events some will surely sell out FAST!
If you are interested in any of the below events we advise you to book as soon as the tickets are released.

Taste of Copenhagen
Michelin-starred restaurants like Kokkeriet, AOC, and Kiin Kiin invite you to taste their gourmet menus at the fixed price of 425 DKK.
Bookings take place on a first come, first served basis at from Tuesday 10 August.

Show Cooking
Experience some of the most ambitious young guns in Danish gastronomy as well as seasoned authors of cook books, when food fair EAT 2010 rolls out its show kitchen. You get to sample the results and bring home some of the best recipes.
Ensure your place and save money by booking your ticket in advance via

Gourmet Restaurants at The Royal Playhouse
Ten of Denmark’s top gourmet restaurants invite you to sample their talents at the beautiful Royal Playhouse.
Book your ticket at

Find more information about Copenhagen Cooking 2010 or book your tickets at and

Peter Wickström Band at Avenue Hotel

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Peter Wickström Band performed new and old favourites in the balmy summer night

The young Swedes from Peter Wickström Band lit up the summer night with their energetic mix of pop, jazz and soul at Avenue Hotel on Thursday 15 July.

New Favourites and Well-known Crowd Pleasers
“Super fedt,” (Very Cool), said Peter Wickström Band. Two of the few words they had learned in Danish as they enthusiastically went on to perform songs from their debut cd Clear Sky as well as crowd pleasers like Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.
Make sure to catch the talented youngsters, when they return to Copenhagen in the fall to play more live concerts.

Find more information and down load Peter Wickström Band’s debut album Clear Sky at Or check out future events at Avenue Hotel.

Guests vote Avenue one of the TOP 10 hotels in Copenhagen

Monday, July 12th, 2010

The users of the popular website voted Avenue Hotel one of the ten best hotels in Copenhagen

The users of voted Avenue Hotel one of the TOP 10 hotels in Copenhagen, Norwegian newssite reports. is one of the world’s most popular websites for booking hotels and actively encourages its users to grade and review the hotels they have stayed at.

Ten Points out of Ten Possible
“A great city hotel with a wonderful patio,” the most recent guest review on says. The review is from 7 June 2010 and in Danish.
The guest goes on to give Avenue Hotel ten points out of ten possible.
“You get a good indication of the quality of the hotel through the recommendations of previous guests,” says Åsa Söderberg, Market Manager at She adds that the booking-site has more than 1.8 million guest reviews from all over the world.

More information
Find more information about the survey at (in Norwegian) and read the users’ reviews of Avenue Hotel at
Or trust their judgment and vist Avenue Hotel

Peter wickstöm band plays live at avenue

Friday, July 9th, 2010


PETER WICKSTRÖM BAND says they "are young, hungry musicians who aim to engage the audience in the creative process"


The young Swedish musicians from Peter Wickström Band perform their summery mix of pop, jazz and soul at Avenue Hotel on Thursday 15 July at 5 pm and at 8 pm.

“We want to focus on something of real value that can inspire people,” says Peter Wickström Band.
The band just launched their debut CD Clear Sky with a successful concert in Berlin.
The band members are between 19 and 22 years old and describe themselves as “young, hungry musicians who aim to engage the audience in the creative process.”

Summery Groove for Free
The groove is the main element in Peter Wickström Band’s music. They promise that their summery mix of pop, jazz and soul will make you tap your feet and bring a smile to your face.
It is free to down load Peter Wickström Band’s music but they suggest that you donate between five and 15 US$ to support them.

More Information about Peter Wickström Band
The band members are:
- Peter Wickström – vocal and acoustic guitar
- Ivar Hedén – trumpet and computer
- William Schotte – guitar
Find more information about Peter Wickström Band and down load the album Clear Sky at

Experience Peter Wickström Band Live
Peter Wickström Band performs live on Thursday 15 July at 5 pm and at 8 pm.
At Avenue Hotel, Åboulevard 29, Copenhagen.
Free Entry

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