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Team Avenue – now in Hattrick

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Starting from today, Avenue Hotel features its own football (soccer, for you crazy Americans) team, aptly named Team Avenue, in the world of Hattrick, probably the world’s largest web based online football manager game currently holding a million active users.

You know of the world wide web? Good. Football, that’s the game invented by the English where a total of 22 players chase an inflated leather ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win. Man-ag-er [man-i-jer] -noun: 2. a person who manages: the manager of our track team. And game is either something you shoot or something you play, in this case the latter. There you have it.

Who cares about hyped online phenomenons like Second World when you can spread your public relation tentacles to a place where you micromanage the day to day affairs of a fantasy football team in your country of choice. Now, that’s what life is all about (well, that and reproduction, but I digress).

Playing in stylish pink jerseys Team Avenue is set on a path to Glory, and will without a doubt rise swiftly from the lowly pits of one of Denmark’s division IXs to (relatively) soon (i.e. within a few generations) be among the very best teams IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! With Avenue Hotel’s General Manager, Mai Kappenger, a reknowned fan of German football team, Bayern Munich, as official team manager, what could possibly go wrong?


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